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Deutsche Bahn Art

collection of sketchbooks _ 008 - 011

In 008, my father fell very ill. this would throw my life right off track (despite my subsequent spending so many hours on Deutsche Bahn trains). Being the only child of this lonesome, highly gifted yet agressively eccentric man, i came to his aid and soon became his legal minder. thus i needed to regularily commute between Berlin and the Frankfurt/ Main area, and for a good while to come. then our mother –estranged and remarried– suddenly fell critically ill too. During the peak of all the crisis management, hand-in-hand with my (half-)brother for mum, i was racing between 4 cities and two intensive care wards, which was quite an experience. if i hadn´t been a stereotypical artist before, i became one now: trapped in the circumstances i was filling all the interims and travelling downtimes sketching in travelbooks. too drained to think up anything conceptual even if i had wanted to, it was mechanical abstract drawing, with my experiences and feelings encoded, oscillating between iconography and abstracted typography. frowning at the mounting piles of
sketchbooks i eventually found to my amazement, that i had layed out the blueprint for my future work and style, which i could fill the whole rest of my life elaborating on.