Artw-VCR_Couples135cm08.jpg Artw-VCR_Couples88cm08_332px.jpg Artw-VCR_Couples-sketches_332px.jpg

Couples II

layered cardboard, acrylic _ 008
88 x 42 cm; 135 x 64 cm

How do ideas materialize? well, practically like any other life on the planet: one day they´re conceived, there and ready to go, and from then on demand us to make space for their own. the concept of my cardboard ‘Couples’ evolved like this in an exemplary way, originating in sketches i happend to do alongside notes while i was attending a seminar about, funnily enough, the Berlin gallery scene. the sketches were not used having to share space on the sketchbook pages with written notes (my traditional academic routine), so they started negociating and in the result managed to seize the centerfold area. from there they went, developing a very interesting life of their own as a theme during the weeks to come.