Watching the Gods Play

timelapse film installation concept _ 008 – 12

‘Watching the Gods Play’ is a timelapse film installation concept based on a series of several hundreds of photographs i took from my studio balcony, all with an identical field of view. i had started this side project some time after moving into this 4th floor place with a great, unobstructed sight of heaven´s tent above me, and became fascinated observing all its stunning variety of states, facets and colours.

my study became almost scientific, and from the beginning had a poetic quality to it (which might be hard to avoid when dealing with the sky as a visual theme). i want to translate this spiritedness into its moving image representation, by projecting timelapse cycles of images onto a wafting, very light silky string curtain. while timelapse films are exciting in themselves, i am looking to add a quality of abstraction by employing an order different from the chronological one to the images, probably sorting them by colours and mood.