CitySpeak_UrbanView_VCR06.jpg CitySpeak_Window_VCR06.jpg CitySpeak_Streetmarks_VCR06.jpg CS_Signs5-06v3.jpg CitySpeak_StreetSewer_VCR06.jpg CS_Streetmarks5-06v14.jpg CitySpeak_Structure5_VCR06.jpg


Digitally reworked images from video and photo sources
format 39 x 70 cm (variable), series of 30 _ 006

d_ Digitale dekonstruktionen des stadtraumes mit photo- graphischem material und videobildern

The deconstruction and remixing of images across different media has long been a major theme in my work. (electronic music, which i am a great fan of, certainly prepared the ground here with a certain headstart.) it was actually my key interest behind getting into digital imaging as an art practice –see ‘Urban Deconstruction, London 001’– apart from the promises of liberation, which desktop video production held for our generation of aspiring young filmmakers.

‘Urbanized’ is a formal exploration into radical possibilities of deconstructing urban imagery, iconography and spacial representation. i realized it in the context of developing my film City Speak, and initially had hoped being able to translate this approach into the moving image. i then did not find a feasible way
for this grand idea at the time, and resorted to a much more conventional formal approach for my film in favor of a clear narrative. this was the emancipating chance this series ‘Urbanized’ had hoped for, and in the following it became a very well received work in its own right.