Morning D-Lay

experimental music video short, DV 4 min
created by V C Ritter, music by Sequenzer _ 002
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e_ The Drum & Bass music track by London music producer Sequenzer (Oskar Vizan) tells about the experience of coming home from a club and feeling the bass still resonating inside oneself. with experimental motion graphics V-CR reflectes this theme visually through the mirrored axis of night and daytime visuals, rhythmically linked by the vibrating bassdrum.

“The title D-Lay is a pun on the term ‘delay’, often used in the music world to describe a reverbation effect. This video is a clever mix of styles, from the VJ«s live visual set and from the kind of representation found in experimental cinema and video art. The screen is split by a narrow, central horizontal band in which, by using a multiple series of masking and keying effects, various layers carry images of night-time traffic flows. The result is a fascinating accumulation of lights and shapes in motion that is perfectly attuned to the music.“ (Invideo Festival Milano 2002 catalog)
d_ Der Drum&Bass–musiktrack des Londoner produzenten sequenzer (Oskar Vizan) beschreibt das feeling, aus dem club zu kommen und die beats auf dem heimweg weiter in sich pulsieren zu spüren.

währenddessen wird die tagwelt aus der sicht des nachtschwärmers im umkehreffekt wahrgenommen. dieses thema hat V-CR mit experimentellen motion graphics visuell aufgegriffen und weitergeführt in der atmospärischen spiegelachse von tag- und nachtleben, welches von blau vibirerenden basslautsprechern rhythmisch durchdrungen wird.

Festival screenings u.a. Interfilm Intl Kurzfilmfestival Berlin, Invideo Video Art Festival Milano (I)