RatRace-Undergr86coupled.jpg Fool4Love_VCR-Artwk86v2_340px.jpg Genie_VCR-Artwk81.jpg Artw-VCR_papagei1974.jpg Photo-VCR_Streetpaint72sm.jpg


- Rat Race – fanzine. A4 collages, photocopied _ 986
- Fool For Love, A6 photocopied _ 986
- Genie Formular, A4 _ ca. 981
- Papagei, A4 _ 974
- ‘Street Art’ _ 972

I am including some early examples of my work here for general enchantment. like that ‘Rat Race’ music fanzine, which us bunch of music fans did 2 issues of when we was eighteen. it now looks almost like one of these trendy skate ads mimicking the good old authentic analog times, while this was proper `86 scizzors, glue, guitars–on–tape, sweat & beer, and a ton of fun. a series of photo montages with my babyface stuck in was inspired by the presence of an expensive domestic photocopier my dad had just bought without really needing it. for diplomatic reasons, i kept my doings secret, and gave the artwork out at school for a laugh. when i went through my old papers, artworks and memorabilia recently, i also stumbled across this enrolment form for the Red Cross youth section, where at age ca. 13 i happened to state “genius” as aspired job description. as such, a nice early sample of ‘situational art’ and pretty, err, genius in retrospect. ..and then, one historic document i´m particularily fond of is this picture of me in a fancy street artist “kamikaze shot”. and this was 1972!